Team at Monkey Forest hang ‘legacy leaves’ on brand-new Conservation Tree to inspire a brighter future

To mark the first week of the 2022 season, team members at Trentham Monkey Forest hung their very own ‘legacy leaf’ onto the park’s new ‘Conservation Tree’ to help encourage others to look after the environment and its inhabitants.


Geraldine O’Connor (Shop Supervisor), Anna Smith (Head Guide) and Diane Floyd (Park Guide) were included in those who were given a leaf to hang. These members of the team have been at Monkey Forest for 16 years, the very beginning, so have designated a huge part of their lives to help Trentham Monkey Forest spread awareness for Barbary macaques – showing great commitment!


Unfortunately, today, there are less than 8,000 Barbary macaques. Due to the illegal pet trade, deforestation, and other human interferences, the future is looking really bleak for not only this wild primate but all wild primates as a whole. As today, over 75% of the world’s primate population are declining in numbers.


The tree was installed as part of the park’s new adoptions campaign which launched in late 2021 and is now ready for adoptee’s to hang their leaves on. The new baby monkey adoption pack supports organisations that help save the world’s threatened primates through conservation and research.




Those that purchased a baby monkey adoption pack get a ‘legacy leaf’ within, which they can then hang on this tree when they next visit Monkey Forest. This allows their protective legacy to be shared with other visitors of the park for years to come. Hopefully inspiring the next generation to protect wildlife.


Monkey Forest wanted to give a nod to these primate superhero’s that have contributed to helping support the world’s threatened primates through conservation and research.


The park is already seeing a few adoptee leaves being hung by fellow visitors.


An absolutely beautiful leaf made and hung by a visitor for the Conservation Tree


Adoptee’s are now more than welcome to come and join our committed team members by placing their legacy leaf on our conservation tree. If you need help to do this when you visit, please let someone at the kiosk or the shop know and we can do this for you.


Thank you to those who have purchased an adoption pack, your contribution really does help organisations such as PSGB and BMAC to protect these beautiful animals. We hope to see your leaves at the forest soon!