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Looking for the perfect day out with the kids?

Come and walk with monkeys…

Monkey Forest is the perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon and is great for all the family.

What is Monkey Forest?

Walk amongst monkeys and enjoy a unique day out for all the family.

Monkey Forest is home to 140 free-ranging Barbary macaques. Visitors walk along the 3/4 of a mile pathway. Walk, watch and be AMAZED as the endangered monkeys live as they would in the wild.

Situated in an ancient Staffordshire forest Trentham Monkey Forest is the perfect day out for all ages.

  • A unique experience to see monkeys living freely*
  • No cages or bars, monkeys are free to roam
  • Learn and find out about the conservation of this endangered species
  • 1 species of monkey – the Barbary macaque

*Visitors cannot touch/feed.

How long will it take?

Most visitors spend a few hours within the monkey enclosure and are free to re-enter as many times as they wish during their trip. 

The woodland walk is just less than a mile long and there are multiple information boards along the way. Knowledgeable guides are situated throughout the forest to help answer any questions you may have during your trip and to ensure the park rules are followed.

Hourly feeding talks take place at quarter past each hour and are a must watch. It is always recommended to take your time around the forest, stopping to take pictures and take in the monkeys fascinating behaviour – they’re extremely entertaining to watch!

What's there?

Where did it all begin?

140 monkeys living in Stoke on Trent? This unique idea first started back in 1969 when our first park was opened in France. Due to the success of the park, a second park was opened in Rocamadour, also in France. Later a third park opened in Germany in 1976.

In 2004 two groups of Barbary macaques from the existing parks were re-homed here in Trentham, and the park opened to the public in July 2005.

Unfortunately, Barbary macaques are listed as endangered by the IUCN Red List due to loss of habitat and the illegal pet trade.

Trentham Monkey Forest aims to provide visitors with a unique, interesting and educational experience, whilst raising awareness and informing you of our involvement in the conservation of the endangered wild Barbary macaques, and the research we do to help protect them.

We pride ourselves with being one of the most unique days out in Staffordshire, whilst doing everything we can to help these endangered monkeys.