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We cater for a range of courses, from Animal Management to Marketing at College level. We are able to create a personalised plan for your needs, please contact us for more information and to start planning your college trip.

What we can accommodate:
  • Educator led visits
  • Self led visits
  • Behavioural research visits

Monkey Forest offers the chance to be able to view wild behaviours in the most natural setting outside the wild!

Areas of study:
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Group composition and social behaviour
  • Diets and Nutrition
  • Psychology

See prices below, or for a more bespoke package please email us or call us on 01782 659845.

Please note, we are unable to offer work experience or volunteer placements.

Trentham is a superb place for my students and I to carry out research projects. Being able to study these amazing animals in a very natural setting means we can learn so much about their fascinating social behaviour.

Professor Stewart Semple

Tutor on the Masters in Primate Biology, Behaviour and Conservation at University of Roehampton


We offer researched based visits covering a range of modules at Undergraduate and Post Graduate level, and work with many universities across the world.

  • Study primates in a forest environment, performing many natural behaviours
  • Monkey Forest is the ideal location to perform non-invasive behavioural research in a natural setting.

We can also accommodate research at Monkey Forest for under graduate and post graduate studies. Get in touch with us to find out more.

For research resources at Monkey Forest, please click here where you can find information about research topics and previous studies on Barbary macaques.

See prices below, or for a more bespoke package email us or call us on 01782 659845.

Monkey Forest is a wonderful location to study monkeys. The macaques are free to interact with each other, allowing our research group at Yale to test how they think about their social world.

Professor Laurie Santos
– Yale University

Educator Led

Educator Led: £8.50 per student One teacher is free for every 5 students with subsequent adults £10.50 each.
  • Minimum of 20 students
  • One hour with a member of our education team in the forest
  • Time to explore the forest at your leisure when your session is over
  • Booking is essential and we recommend booking in advance
  • We can tailor your trip to the topic you are studying
  • Download a Booking Form

Self-led Trips

Self Led: £6.50 per student One teacher is free for every 5 students, with subsequent adults £8.50 each.
  • Explore the forest at your own pace, using our informative signs throughout the forest
  • Take advantage of our onsite facilities including play area and video room
  • Why not download our pre visit classroom resources to prepare your group for their trip
  • Download a Booking Form