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Looking for school trip ideas? Look no further! 


Welcome to the Monkey Forest Education page, where we believe that education is key to the conservation of our endangered primates. Our park is dedicated to providing visitors of all ages with engaging and informative educational programs, resources, and experiences at affordable prices.

Monkey Forest is dedicated to ensuring all schools, colleges and universities have a beneficial, rewarding and educational visit, as you observe our Barbary macaques living a natural life in our 60 acre forest.

So whether you are a teacher, parent, or simply a monkey enthusiast, we invite you to explore our Education page and discover how you can learn, engage, and support our conservation efforts.

Learning has never been so much fun

Trentham Monkey Forest is the ideal location for a fun and inspiring educational visit.

Get outdoors and get creative as you learn about an endangered species, conservation and nature – whatever topic you are covering.

Play spaces to tire them out!

We have fantastic play spaces onsite, perfect for energetic young minds! We have a Brass Rubbing Primate Trail where little ones can draw, watch and play all things primate.

In addition to this, there’s a monkey shaped Willow Maze for them to explore, where they can learn the anatomy of a Barbary macaque whilst being lost inside one’s belly!

An unforgettable, unique experience

Through our educational initiatives, we aim to inspire visitors to learn more about the unique behaviors and characteristics of our primates, as well as the challenges they face in the wild.

By raising awareness of the importance of conservation, we hope to encourage our visitors to take action and help protect our planet’s wildlife and habitats.

Packages to suit you

Our educational offerings include school trips, group visits, and workshops, all of which are tailored to suit different ages and levels of learning.

We also provide a range of educational resources, including fun facts, quizzes, and activity sheets, which are perfect for families and educators looking to learn more about our playful primates.