On Saturday 23rd July, our members were invited into the Monkey Forest after hours as we hosted them to a Gender Reveal Party for the six baby monkeys that have arrived so far this year!


Great fun was had by all and our members were able to enjoy our unique forest and the play areas in an exclusive, tranquil setting.


Our members were treated to sweet treats in the theme of the gender reveal!


It was lovely for our members to get to know the park guides a bit more and discuss our amazing Barbary macaques with them. We are very lucky to have such a fantastic group of members who love our monkeys very very much!


Park Director Matt Lovatt also gave a talk to our members amongst the Trentham troop, sharing the successes of baby season and what it means for the species.



Every birth is very special to us, as well as the gender, as it could potentially change the hierarchy within the monkey troops – with a baby boy maybe one day becoming chief.


We are absolutely delighted to reveal that we have been blessed with  5 GIRLS & 1 BOY so far this year in the forest!


You can see the gender reveal video here: