Hands and Feet of Barbary macaque Monkeys

When visiting our beloved monkeys have you found yourself gazing at their hands/feet and comparing them to our own?


Well if not, we bet you will next time you visit after reading this blog!


Barbary macaques are absolutely fascinating from their heads all the way down to their toes, so we have compiled a little fact file below of small yet interesting details about the characteristics of the monkey’s hands and feet… we hope you enjoy!


Quadrupedal Movers

Barbary macaques are ‘quadrupedal movers’, which means that they walk, run and climb on all fours.



Barbary macaques have excellent dexterity and are very capable climbers. They spend lots of time high-up in the trees and most births take place up there!

Their jet black finger nails protect the ends of their fingers and can help them to pick out tasty morsels whilst foraging or having a nice scratch!


Opposable thumbs are very handy!

We humans have opposable thumbs on our hands to help us to grasp, handle and manipulate objects. Barbary macaques are doubly as ‘handy’ as they have opposable thumbs on their hands AND an opposable toe on each foot which provides great grip when climbing! Like us, Barbary macaques have four fingers and a thumb on their hands, they are smaller in length than their feet.


Foot prints

Interestingly, like us, every single Barbary macaque has its own unique finger/ foot print. Dermal ridges cover the surfaces of their feet and hands and are very useful to help with gripping objects. Their hands and feet are very similar and also so very different to ours – all at the same time!


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