Stoke City Mascots Pottermus & Pottermiss have their first post COVID date at Monkey Forest

The two Stoke City mascots, Pottermus & Pottermiss , visited Trentham Monkey Forest today in their first romantic outing since lockdown.


The pair of lovey-dovey hippos had a field day,  ‘pottering about’ in and amongst the monkey park away from Stoke City in the pre-season.


There was certainly a lot of ‘monkey love’ in the air for the hippos, as the two enjoyed a romantic play on the park’s BRAND NEW Primate Themed Play Area.


In an interesting scientific discovery, the hippos seemingly enjoyed swinging in a chimpanzee’s basket nest as the couple laid back and relaxed in the parks basket swing that mimics the renown apes nest.



After this, they went and enjoyed a bit of see-saw action, with Pottermiss being the heavier of the two in a surprising turn of events! Male hippopotamuses are an unusual size. Among mammals, males are usually much larger than females, but in hippos the sexes have surprisingly similar sized body!



The date seemed to go well, and Pottermus enjoyed himself so much that he plans to visit Monkey Forest AGAIN on the 9th July, feel free to get a picture with him should you plan a visit to us on the 9th!


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