We are excited to announce today that tickets for the 2023 season are now available to buy online and that Monkey Forest will be open from the 18th of February 2023.


We cannot wait for our visitors to be reacquainted with the fascinating Barbary macaques that freely roam our amazing 60-acre Staffordshire forest!


In respect of the UK and the current environment, online tickets will STILL be discounted when visitors choose to book online via the website.


97% of our 2022 visitors found that our admission prices were fair and reasonable. With this in mind,  we want to prolong this feeling amongst our passionate primate guests by ensuring that our visitors have an affordable yet fun experience – in light of the current cost of living crisis.


Over winter, we have been hard at work, ensuring that there is EVEN MORE for you to do at Monkey Forest (at no extra cost)!


Here’s a reminder of all the monkey fun you can get up to at Trentham Monkey Forest from February 18th 2023:


– Adventure into our amazing forest and enter the world of a wild Barbary macaque. See the natural behaviours of the endangered primate right before your very eyes and observe them from a close but safe distance. Learn what Monkey Forest does to protect the monkey and understand why the  primate is struggling in the wild. Experience something you can only do here in Trentham… take a walk on the wild side.

  • Hourly Feeding Talks –

When visiting our forest make sure you stick around for the hourly feeding talks presented right in the thick of the Monkey Forest! Watch our passionate, knowledgeable guides feed the monkeys and be informed on everything there is to know about Barbary macaques.

  • BRAND-NEW Barbary macaque Willow Maze –

Try and complete our BRAND NEW Barbary macaque Willow Maze. Start by going through the mouth and use the rhymes to help you go down south! You will exit via the monkeys bum but our cheeky rhymes will make it plenty of fun!

  • 2 HUGE Primate-Themed Play Spaces & Brass Rubbing Sheets

After you have walked amongst the monkeys, let your little ones mimic their behaviours!  The two exciting spaces have been designed for children to explore and replicate various primate behaviour, proving fun and educational.

The two new play areas are a great learning opportunity for your little monkeys as they can go bananas and replicate various primate behaviours!

Grab a free Brass Rubbing Activity Sheet from the Kiosk and your child can sketch, watch and copy the primate of their choice.

  • 2 Information Rooms

Want to take a dive into the scientific facts of our monkeys? Great! We have two rooms that will help you do exactly that in a variety of entertaining ways. One of our information rooms has an 8-minute Sir David Attenborough-esque  movie bound to glue your eyes to the screen. There are also two real Barbary macaque skeletons with information around the anatomy of the monkey and their quirks.


We look forward to seeing your smiling faces come February 18th!


HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us here at Trentham Monkey Forest!


Please see our opening times here


If you’d like to book tickets, click here