Covid Restrictions Update – 19th July: What a lovely 16th birthday present, normality!

After a tough couple of years for the Forest, where we have had to adapt and be on our monkey toes at every corner, we are so excited to share with you our plans for when the national COVID-19 restrictions ease on the 19th  July.

As you may already know, this week the Prime Minister unveiled England’s proposed plan of action for ‘Freedom Day’, to see the government’s official update, please click here.

Coincidentally, ‘Freedom Day’ happens to clash with the park’s 16th birthday, meaning that we will receive the best present we could have ever asked for, a sense of ‘normality’ at the most magical, unique tourist attraction in the UK, Trentham Monkey Forest.

Firstly, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful guests that we have had the pleasure to host at the Monkey Forest during the pandemic, for your co-operation and support. It has been much appreciated.


Wave goodbye to restrictions at the Monkey Forest



  • As per government advice, limits on social distancing will be removed. As we are an outdoor attraction, with fresh air, we do not feel the need to enforce social distancing. However, we do ask that our visitors remain courteous of each other’s space to ensure that all of our guests feel safe and comfortable at the Forest.


  • We also would like to add, as usual, that social distancing will REMAIN in regards to our lovely Barbary macaque inhabitants. Please continue to keep to a 2-meter distance from the monkeys. This rule is in force so that we can continue to protect and conserve the natural behaviours of the monkeys. Please respect this so we can continue to support these amazing creatures.


  • Hand sanitiser will continue to be provided at the park to support cleanliness and personal hygiene.



  • As we are an outdoor attraction, which is very spread out, there will be no need to wear a face mask at the Monkey Forest. From the 19th July, this will extend to the Jungle Shop/Banana Café, you will not be asked by staff to wear a face mask. However we encourage the use of face masks when busy in indoor areas.



  • One major change at the park, is that we can now host wonderful events without being restricted on numbers due to social distancing. In our first event of the year, we are hosting a members only evening to celebrate our ‘Sweet 16th’. To find out more about the event please click here.



  • Our popular feeding talks will be back running at peak busy times, such as school holidays, the weekends, and Bank Holidays. We look forward to sharing with you what the monkeys eat and giving amazing facts about Barbary macaques every hour, no matter what the day. To find out more about our feeding talks, please click here .



  • From the 19th July, you will be able to pay on the day for entry as our capacity will go back to pre-pandemic levels. As the experience is a safe, outdoor attraction with plenty of space we do not feel the need to enforce online bookings only and cap numbers at the park, especially at peak times.


  • However, we strongly advise you to book online in advance, so that you get a better price for the tickets.



  • Our once in a lifetime experience ‘Breakfast with Monkeys’ will be back and available to book/purchase, to find out more about this activity please click here.



  • You will be able to spend as much time as you want at the Forest. There will be no 2hr limit on your visit as we are an outdoor attraction, with fresh air and plenty of space. This means your little monkeys will be able to play ALL DAY on our new state-of-the art primate themed play area.



  • From the 1st July, we will be back accepting cash payments. We appreciate that being unable to accept cash at the Forest has been a tad frustrating for guests. Thank you for supporting this and helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the passing of physical currency.