Monkey Forest Ideal For Wholesome, Intergenerational Fun

Multigenerational family outings and holidays are on the rise in the UK, with up to 70% of the population engaging in them on a regular basis, according to a study conducted by Virgin Holidays. With school leavers often being unable to leave home due to financial constraints and the older generation at risk of isolation, more families are opting to not only embark on outings together but to live together as well. It is due to this new trend that it is becoming more commonplace to see a family consisting of young children, their parents, grandparents and even-great grandparents enjoying an excursion to attractions like the Monkey Forest together.

Trentham Monkey Forest

Changed family dynamics must be embraced

On any given day, you will witness visitors of all ages enjoying their outing to Monkey Forest. There are many reasons why the structure of the typical family in the United Kingdom is changing. Seniors are becoming increasingly focused on their own health and fitness, with 70 commonly being hailed the new 50 because of it. Individuals are also starting to save towards a nest egg at a younger age, allowing them to retire earlier and enjoy life to the fullest (which includes travelling and going on outings with the rest of the family). Considering its beautiful natural surroundings and plentiful activities, it’s no surprise that the Monkey Forest continues to be as popular with seniors as it is with young children.

Perfect family day out in Staffordshire

Accessible amenities for all

Apart from the fun activities that are suitable for young and old, the accessible amenities at Monkey Forest truly makes it the ideal multi-generational destination. The onsite toilets boast both disabled access and baby changing facilities, while the car park is also wheelchair friendly. The ¾ mile-long pathway that runs through the monkey enclosure can be navigated on foot or in a pram or wheelchair, making it possible for all members of the family to enjoy the company of the Barbary Macaques that call the forest home (see accessibility info). Even the Banana Café and Jungle Shop are completely accessible, with friendly, attentive staff who will do everything in their power to make your family outing memorable.

Plenty to see and do for young and old

It is with very good reason that the Monkey Forest is so popular among intergenerational families. The pathway that winds through the monkey enclosure is perfect for toddlers, grandparents (and everyone in between) to stretch their legs on and get some healthy exercise (there are also benches dotted around walkway which make the perfect resting spot). The whole family can enjoy a delightful picnic in one of the designated picnic areas that are conveniently located near the play areas, where the children can burn off any excess energy. If you’re looking for a bite to eat but aren’t in the mood for a picnic, you can relax at the Banana Café that offers patrons a selection of warm and cold dishes and drinks to choose from. Don’t forget to stop at the Jungle Shop before you go home, where Mum and Grandma can stock up on stationery while the kids enjoy the fascinating selection of Barbary mascots and toys in the shop.

An excursion to Monkey Forest is, without a doubt, time well spent. Whether you are 4 or 40-years-old, you will definitely enjoy relaxing in the company of the exquisite Barbary Macaques that call the forest home.


Author: Jennifer Dawson