How To Entertain Your Little Ones Over The Summer Holidays

Channel That Endless Energy: How To Wear Out Your Little Ones During The Summer Holidays

Almost 60% of parents say that the summer holidays are too long. Why? Because entertaining your little ones for six whole weeks isn’t easy. There’s only so many trips you want to take to the local soft play centre before you’ve lost the will to live. Being stuck in a giant warehouse full of sticky ball ponds, noisy, screaming children, and a hundred other frazzled parents isn’t top of anyone’s to-do list. So how else can you wear out your little ones during the school holidays?

Summer holidays at Monkey Forest
Summer holidays at Monkey Forest

Visit Monkey Forest of Course!

Monkey Forest is a truly unique day out and is thoroughly enjoyable for children. The Barbary Macaques are incredibly active and agile, they are so entertaining to watch running free. The monkeys are bursting with comedy too. You can follow the forest pathway watching their antics in a natural forest environment. If your little ones aren’t worn out already, then take them to the awesome adventure play areas that are part of Monkey Forest. They’ll certainly go home at the of the day, tired and happy.

Summer Monkey Forest
Summer Monkey Forest

Hire a trampoline or bouncy castle

If you have a reasonable sized garden, how about hiring a bouncy castle or a trampoline for the day? You can do this with a group of friends and simply split the cost. A family visit to a trampoline park can easily set a family of four back £50. Or you could hire a full size bouncy castle, or trampoline for £100 and entertain ten families for the whole day. Add a barbecue and you’ve got yourself a great party. Jumping on a trampoline is great exercise too. Thirty minutes of bouncing is no only fun but can help you burn off 126 calories. That’s an extra hot dog!

Do a treasure trail

If you’re looking for an original and active day out for the whole family, then how about signing up for a city treasure trail? For instance, there is a great potteries trail in nearby Stoke-on-Trent, that you can purchase online. It’s a really fun way of exploring a new city, by solving clues about the buildings and famous landmarks in the city. You can check out the historic pottery firms that Stoke is known for, the beautiful Minster and even walk along the Trent and Mersey canal. A treasure trail is fun and engaging for the whole family.

Wearing out your little ones in the school holidays doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the soft play centre. You can instead spend time outdoors and even meet some real life monkeys!




Blog by: Jennifer Dawson.