When are the babies born?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked, especially at this time of the year, is ‘when are the babies born?’

Despite spring feeling more like the middle of winter at the moment, you will be pleased to know that we’re edging closer to ‘baby season’. The Barbary macaques are seasonal breeders and the babies are due in late spring early summer.

In 2017 the first babies were born in May with the last arrival of our 4 babies born in June. These little ones are now nearing their first Birthdays and are still very small and extremely cute to watch as they bravely jump and climb their way through the natural forest playground – every tree is fun to explore for these youngsters.

The babies are born high in the trees at night, the first time we can see the babies is when mum appears from the forest in the morning holding her new arrival – it really is amazing to watch.

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