Unveiling a Spooktacular Conservation Adventure for Halloween: Storm & Scooter’s Monkey Relatives Await!

Get ready for a Halloween experience like no other as Trentham Monkey Forest introduces an exciting and educational feature this Halloween!


Starting from 1st October,  young explorers can dive into the fascinating world of conservation through the hair-raising tale of Storm and Scooter’s monkey relatives!


Find the pumpkins, unravel the magic number, and discover scary truths!


In the heart of the Halloween festivities, you’ll find the Monkey Movie Room, where the eerie journey begins. Unravel the mysteries of the monkeys that came before Storm and Scooter. What happened to these curious creatures 👀?


The quiz trail is the perfect blend of fun and education, making learning about conservation an exciting adventure for the whole family.  Monkey Forest believes in making knowledge accessible to all. That’s why the Halloween Quiz Trail is absolutely free with your entry ticket!


So, this Spooky Season, gather your little ones for an unforgettable experience that combines thrills, chills, and a whole lot of conservation wisdom.


For more information and to purchase your tickets, visit www.monkey-forest.com


Happy Spooky Season!