Trentham Monkey Forest Confirms Re-Opening Date for 2024

Trentham Monkey Forest is excited to announce that it’s monkey experience will re-open again on the 10th of February, after being closed during the winter period.


We’re excited to kick start our 19th season as a sanctuary in Stoke-on-Trent where 140 Barbary macaques can simply be themselves within an ancient 60-acre Staffordshire Woodland.


Our stunning forest is the monkey’s tranquil home in Trentham, they can go wherever they like within the enclosure as they aren’t restricted by any bars or cages. The monkeys can freely roam allowing their fascinating natural behaviours to be preserved for conservational purposes.


Guests to the forest get to see these amazing behaviours right before their very eyes, making our woodland one of the most unique places to explore in the UK. It is a one of a kind monkey experience and hopefully, we’ll see some babies arrive in the forest come spring and summer!


Every hour starting from 11:15 we host monkey feeding talks where one of our park guides feeds the monkeys whilst sharing some interesting facts about the monkeys and our forest.


We are proud to protect and support the macaque sub-species through the funding of vital conservation projects for Barbary macaques specifically as well as other primates struggling in the wild through the PSGB.


Barbary macaques are unfortunately highly endangered.


The population has decreased by more than 50% in the last 30 years and there are now fewer than 8,000 wild Barbary macaques left.


Tickets start from £8.55 per person and can be booked at


Features at the park: 

  • 140 free-roaming Barbary macaque monkeys that you can walk amongst
  • Hourly feeding talks starting at 11.15 am
  • x2 Play Areas
  • Willow Maze
  • Meadow Walk
  • x2 Information Rooms
  • Banana Café
  • Jungle Shop


We hope to see you again soon at the park!