Trentham Monkey Forest 2023 Photography Competition

In the digital age, photographs have become our window to the past, preserving precious moments for generations to come. At Trentham Monkey Forest, we value these memories, and we’re thrilled to announce our 2023 Photography Competition, a unique opportunity to revisit and share the enchanting moments you captured during a previous visit to our fascinating woodland!


Save the Dates

Mark your calendars and get ready to relive the magic, as our exclusive competition runs from November 1st to December 10th. We invite all photography enthusiasts, of all ages and abilities to participate and share their photographic tales.

Twelve Winners Await

In the spirit of inclusivity, we will not limit the recognition to just one or two winners. In fact, we will celebrate the talent of a total of 12 outstanding photographers. These winning masterpieces will proudly adorn our Primate Picture Room Wall, where visitors can admire the artistry behind each photograph.

A Year of Winning Memories

But that’s not all! Each of our 12 winners will be bestowed with a meticulously crafted calendar, showcasing their winning shot for each month of the year. This calendar is not just a keepsake; it’s an elegant way to flaunt your photography prowess year-round.

Visit the Place of Triumph

We’re also including in the prize x1 free ticket to Trentham Monkey Forest so you an visit the place you desperately wanted to photograph!


How to Participate

Entering the competition is a breeze:

  1. Dive into your treasure trove of photographs taken during a visit to Trentham Monkey Forest
  2. Select your most captivating primate and wildlife shots, those that authentically encapsulate the essence of our endearing residents.
  3. Share these photographic gems on social media using the hashtag #TrenthamMonkeyPhotoComp or email them in to
  4. Don’t forget to tag Trentham Monkey Forest if submitting via social media and also for a chance to be featured on our official page


Relive the Magic

This competition isn’t solely about showcasing your photography skills; it’s an opportunity to relive the enchantment you experienced during your visit. Each image is a chapter of your journey, a memento, and a portal to a world of emotions. Let’s breathe life into those moments and share them with the world.


Get Ready to Submit!

As the calendar inches towards November, dust off your camera, revisit your 2023 archives, and handpick those mesmerising shots. We eagerly anticipate your entries and the chance to relive the beauty of Trentham Monkey Forest through your lens.

Join us in this extraordinary venture to relive your past visits and flaunt your photographic skills. Share those indelible moments with us, and you might just find your work gracing our Primate Picture Room Wall and adorning our exclusive 2024 calendar. It’s time to transform your memories into everlasting art.