The Top 5 Things To Look Forward To At Monkey Forest

The winter at Trentham Monkey Forest has absolutely flown by!

The team has been hard at work to make sure Monkey Forest is ready for opening on February 18th! We have been putting the graft in, improving areas of the park and we cannot wait to welcome you all back to Monkey Forest again!

To help you get excited to see our monkeys, please see below the FIVE TOP THINGS to look forward to at Monkey Forest in 2023!


  1. The arrival of BABY MONKEYS!

As you’d expect, at the VERY TOP of our list is the arrivals of our very cute baby monkeys, that arrive around the early spring/late summer. During winter it is mating season within the forest as female monkeys come into season during the winter period, this is to ensure babies are born during the warmer months, giving them time to grow strong in order to face their first winter. As our forest is so large and the monkeys are free to exhibit their natural behaviours, the mating season occurs exactly how it would in the wild. When a baby Barbary macaque is born, this is a huge victory for the species. As sadly there are less than 8,000 Barbary macaques left in the wild. Our guides are the FIRST ONES to see a baby monkey. They are born high up in the trees at night and are first spotted when we feed the troops breakfast in the morning. Keep your eyes peeled between May-August for birth announcements!


2. Walking Amongst The Monkeys – Experience Barbary macaques like nowhere else in the UK

Here in Trentham it is the ONLY place in the UK where YOU can WALK amongst free-roaming Barbary macaques! That’s a pretty cool flex of ours! Our forest is 60-acres, this is equivalent to FORTY FOOTBALL PITCHES! This space allows our monkeys to live a free life in Trentham, as there is no need for cages or bars. This environment preserves the natural behaviours of our primates – allowing our guests to experience a fascinating species in a way they should be observed and admired scientifically!


3. Find your way through our BRAND-NEW Willow Monkey Maze

Try and complete our BRAND-NEW Barbary macaque Willow Maze! This feature is new for 2023 and is bound to further the fun to be had at Monkey Forest. You will start by going through the mouth and will use our funny rhymes to help you go down south! You will exit via the monkeys bum but our cheeky rhymes will make it plenty of fun!


4. Member’s Evening 2023!

If you’re an annual pass holder at Monkey Forest then Member’s Evening 2023 is definitely something to look forward to! After the park is closed, Monkey Forest members get exclusive access into the forest after we close and also get treated to some refreshments on a warm summer’s evening out on our patio area. For littler members, they also get free reign of our large adventure play areas.


5. FREE Brass Rubbing Activity Sheet + 2 Large Play Areas

After you have walked amongst the monkeys, your little ones can draw, watch and mimic their behaviours too!  The exciting new space has been designed for children to explore and replicate various primate behaviour, proving fun and educational.

Each primate apparatus has a beam in front of it, with a Brass Rubbing Ring,  graphite pencil & a QR Code Grab attached to it. Grab free Brass Rubbing Activity Sheet from the Kiosk and your child can sketch, watch and copy the primate of their choice! Let them blow off some steam while you relax in the sun.