Set Sail on an Eco-Friendly Adventure with Our Upcycled Pirate Ship Play Space!

Ahoy there, mateys! Are you ready to set sail on a pirate adventure? Imagine a world where you can explore the high seas, discover hidden treasures, and battle fearsome foes. Well, now you can – thanks to our brand new pirate ship play space, handcrafted by our talented head of maintenance, Steve Olivant!


But this isn’t just any ordinary pirate ship. Our play space is eco-friendly, having been upcycled using wooden benches and rails from inside the monkey forest. That means you get to enjoy a thrilling adventure while also taking care of the environment.


Steve’s attention to detail is evident in every inch of the ship. From the intricate designs on the hull to the stunning illustrations of nature and the solar system, he has created a world that will spark your imagination and ignite your sense of adventure.


But it’s not just about looks. The ship is fully equipped with naughts and crosses, so you can play a game with your fellow shipmates while sailing the seven seas. Plus, there’s plenty of room for imaginative play, as you take on the roles of fearless pirates, navigating treacherous waters and dodging cannonballs.


We’re proud to offer a play space that encourages kids to explore their creativity, imagination, and love for the environment. Our pirate ship play space is perfect for children who love to play, learn, and explore – all while enjoying the great outdoors.


So, come aboard, me hearties, and let your imagination run wild as you embark on a journey you’ll never forget!