Our baby monkeys now…

Our first baby of 2017 was born on the 27th May. A few months on and 3 bundles later, we now have 4 babies.

The babies are now 3-4 months old and are currently the star of the show here at Monkey Forest. Here’s what our little ones have been up to recently…

Mastering the trees – The babies begin to take their first (very wobbly) steps at only a few weeks old and before you know it they’re bouncing, running and even climbing. This little one seems to have found his new favourite tree.

Feeling brave – As the other monkeys stay close by with a watchful eye, the little ones climb higher and higher each day. Look how brave this little monkey is!

Play – Play is a big part of monkey life. The babies have bags of energy, often not to the amusement of the older monkeys – looking after little ones is exhausting. This baby climbed over these two, the monkeys are very tolerant of the babies. Eventually, they sat and had a group hug and grooming session.

Making friends –  Baby Barbary macaques are very popular with the rest of the group. Males help care for the little ones from birth, a unique behaviour to this species. Young monkeys also try their hand at babysitting – often with mum watching very close by.

The monkeys are very social and the babies learn important social behaviours and form bonds with the monkeys from within their group.

Visit us before the end of the season (closing 29th October) and see what the babies are up to this Autumn. Plan your visit now!