ONE MONTH TO GO: The top 5 things to get excited for at Monkey Forest in 2022

Today marks a MONTH until we open our doors again here at Monkey Forest. We are so excited to welcome you back again.

Over winter… a lot can change. Especially with the monkeys! So, we have compiled a quick round-up of TOP 5 most exciting things to look out for in 2022.

Have a quick read and get excited. It’s not long now until you can walk amongst our beautiful 140 Barbary macaques again!




How could we not start with the bundles of joy set to arrive early spring/late summer? It is currently mating season at the forest and as seen in our Facebook post – we indeed have a few fat bottomed girls in season and ready to mate. So, we are bound to have some beautiful baby monkeys arriving in the thick of 2022. Not only does this mean that you will be able to see some adorable new faces/personalities in the forest, but also some unique and wholesome Barbary macaque behaviours such as baby sitting. We had nine babies arrive in 2021, could we be getting even more than 9 this year? Only time will tell. Our guides are the first to find out about the births  as they happen naturally in the trees.  So keep an eye on our social media pages for any baby news…




Last July we saw our brand-new adventure play area open for your little monkeys, so that they can channel their inner primate on the fun-tastic new primate themed climbing frames. This winter, we have been working hard to allow even more fun to be had at Monkey Forest this new year for the little ones. As such, we now have another BRAND-NEW adventure play area for your little monkeys to go bananas on!






During winter 2021 we launched our brand-new adoption packs to help support primates in peril. In our information centre, there will now be a stunning conservation tree which our primate adoptee’s can hang their legacy leaf on, along with a pledge for nature. This is Monkey Forest’s way of recognising those who have supported endangered primates through purchasing an adoption pack – giving adoptee’s the opportunity to leave their legacy of protection behind to motivate other Monkey Forest visitors for years to come. 2022 will be the tree’s debut season and will remind us all to protect our planet and the wonderful creatures that inhabit it.






In 2022, we will once again be offering our members exclusive offers and perks. We are pleased to confirm that Members Evening will be making an exciting return! Our first ever members evening was held on our 16th birthday last year and was enjoyed by all, so we plan to host our wonderful troop again sometime during 2022. Our members will also still receive a special edition e-newsletter and 10% off the Banana Café. New for 2022 – when members renew, they will also now receive a brand-new Monkey Forest lanyard along with a new membership card.




When you re-visit Monkey Forest in 2022, it is likely that the troops social hierarchy might have had a bit of a shake up! Within each group there is a hierarchy. Each member occupies a specific rank like rungs on a ladder. Each member knows and generally respects the position of others. The hierarchy is dynamic, changes often occur especially in males! In young males, rank depends on physical strength. In adult males, they use relationships to move up the ladder and their rank depends on support obtained by other group members. In females, the rank is passed down from mother to daughter from generation to generation. The mother supports the daughter against others, so all group members quickly understand that the daughter holds the rank just under her mother. Amongst sisters usually the eldest holds the highest rank. Once a mother is old or dies, the daughter takes over her rank! As the social hierarchy is so dynamic as time goes on, troop interactions might be completely different to 2021 than in 2022! Making it one of the most fascinating things to observe at Monkey Forest year on year!