Monkey Mums at Trentham Monkey Forest were celebrated on Mother’s Day as our conservationists at the Staffordshire forest treated them with roses for them to eat (not put in a vase)!


Within each group are several families, with up to FIVE generations (so yes, the park gave a flower to one of their great-great GRANDMOTHERS)


The diet of a Barbary macaque includes over 200 different plant species, so they ABSOLUTELY LOVED being given this Mother’s Day treat – as they devoured the flower completely – so really they are more like chocolates to our cheeky monkeys.


The 60-acre forest has 140 monkey occupants, meaning there are many mums among the 3 troops who reside within the Trentham woodland.


Every year, the park hopes for between 6-10 babies to maintain a healthy number and prolong the existence of the endangered species that struggle so hard in the wild.


There are currently less than 8,000 Barbary macaques and the wild population has decreased by over 50% in the last 40 years.


Last year, Trentham Monkey Forest welcomed 6 baby monkeys into the world and hopes to see more arrive this year, during the late Spring / early Summer.


The babies learn the way of the Barbary macaque very quickly, as the monkeys act exactly how they would in the wild at the Stoke-on-Trent attraction. The primates are free to roam and have enough space and next to no human interaction to display their fascinating wild behaviours – so as such demolish roses if given the chance!


If you’d like to visit the new babies and their monkey mama’s this year, you can book to visit and walk amongst them at