Monkey Forest has TIKTOK!

Trentham Monkey Forest are super excited to announce that we now have a brand new TikTok account so that we can update you all on even more ‘monkey business’!


We will be using the platform to try and raise even more awareness of the endangerment of Barbary macaques and to maximise our reach to wider audiences so that we can educate further on the species.


We will also be sharing videos using the latest TikTok trends to either make you laugh hysterically or ‘aww’ at the cuteness of our beloved monkeys.


To find us on TikTok, simply download the application or use the desktop version, and search @TrenthamMonkeyForest 


Feel free to like, duet, comment and follow us on the platform. We will be posting weekly, so do make sure you keep an eye out.