Meet the Barbary macaque PLAY FACE!

Barbary macaques are one of the most fascinating primates in the world. The young ones particularly are known for their playful and mischievous nature, these monkeys are an absolute joy to watch in their natural space here in Trentham.


One of the most interesting things about Barbary macaques is the way they communicate with each other using facial expressions. One such expression is the “play face”.


The play face is a facial expression that Barbary macaques make when they are in a playful mood. It’s a combination of a smile and a grimace, with the corners of the mouth turned up and the lips pulled back to reveal the teeth. The play face is often accompanied by other playful behaviors, such as chasing, wrestling, and jumping around.


What’s fascinating about the play face is that it’s not just a sign of playfulness – it’s also a way for Barbary macaques to communicate their intentions to other members of their group. For example, if a monkey wants to play with another monkey, it might make a play face to signal its intentions. The other Barbary macaque can then respond with a play face of its own to show that it’s ready to play.


But the play face isn’t just limited to interactions between individual macaques. It can also be used to signal playfulness to the entire group. When a group of Barbary macaques is in a playful mood, they might all make play faces and engage in playful behavior together. This can be a way for the group to bond and strengthen social connections.


As you can imagine, the play face is a delight to watch. Barbary macaques are incredibly expressive animals, and their play faces are some of the most amusing and endearing expressions you’ll ever see. Whether they’re chasing each other around or jumping from branch to branch, their playfulness is contagious and a joy to witness.


If you want to see Barbary macaques in action, be sure to check out some of the amazing photos and videos available on our social media channels.


These incredible primates are a true wonder of nature, and their play faces are just one of the many fascinating aspects of their behavior.


So next time you visit our monkeys, try and see a Barbary macaque making a play face and take a moment to appreciate the joy and playfulness that these amazing animals bring to the world.