Monkey Forest Celebrate Arrival of 4 Lockdown Babies

Staffordshire’s Trentham Monkey Forest are opening their doors and welcoming visitors back on the 25th of June. As well as the visitors, the forest have also welcomed some very special arrivals.


The forest is thrilled to have had 4 new ‘lockdown-babies’ born and they are excited that visitors are now able to meet them!

The forest welcomes 2 baby girls and 2 little boys. The babies and mothers are doing well as the babies suckle and wiggle, learning to jump and walk.

Park Director Matt Lovatt said,

“With the current climate, we feel the news of the births is really positive, exciting news and something we’ve been eagerly awaiting. We have felt very lucky to have these ‘lockdown-babies’ all to ourselves for the past few weeks but can’t wait to welcome visitors. Hopefully, they will catch a glimpse of them too.’’

Not only are the new arrivals great for Trentham Monkey Forest, they are also a great addition for the species as a whole.

Matt continued,

“Every single birth is a fantastic addition to this endangered species with fewer than 8000 Barbary macaques left in their mountainous habitats, in Morocco and Algeria. At Monkey Forest, we hope we can share their story with visitors and how they too can help protect, geographically, our closest wild-living primate.”

Monkey Forest works with organisations helping protect the wild Barbary macaques in North Africa and helps to raise the profile of the species and their plight.

Trentham Monkey Forest is now set to reopen after being closed since March. The team have added new guidelines when visiting to provide a safe space and enjoyable time for customers.

It is important that visitors read the guidelines so they can be followed safely by everyone. Visitors are required to pre-book tickets and chose a pre-allocated time slot.

So, if you fancy getting outdoors again and catching a glimpse of the newest arrivals in town then make sure you book your tickets in advance online.