It‘s SPOOKY how fast they grow up at Monkey Forest!

We have found it absolutely FRIGHTENING how quick our babies have grown up this season– with the 9 babies born in summer 2021 already starting to grow their first thick winter coat ready for the colder temperatures.


So, on Halloween this year (31st October), We are treating your cheeky monkeys by allowing them to go in for FREE, but, here’s the trick, ONLY IF the children visit the park in fancy dress (1 free child admitted with each full paying adult when the child is in fancy dress)


We want our family visitors to make even more life-lasting memories at the park as the arrival of our 9 little ones this summer has reminded us how quick they actually grow up – and it’s the SCARIEST thing. You blink and they are already halfway up a tree!


We close for the season on the 1st November, so it will be your very last chance to see the NINE baby monkeys, that arrived in 2021, until next year in February.


We have teamed up with the Woodland Trust to do a spooky hidden trail guided tour for guests. The popular path is located just behind the brand-new play area and will be dressed with lots of Halloween fun for your little ones.


To book tickets online for the best price, click here



The fancy dress promotion is only for 31st October (not the week) The promotion will not be running before or after this date

 If you are booking online in advance you only need to book the tickets that are NOT AFFECTED BY THE PROMOTION (e.g – Adults, Children who do not wish to dress up)

 How do I get the promotion on 31st October?

One free child will be given entry when accompanied by a full paying adult and the child is in fancy dress.

You don’t need a ticket for the ‘free’ child as long as they are in fancy dress.

Please note you can also pay on the day at the kiosk now ✨