How to spot a pregnant Barbary macaque?

As the weather warms up and the forest begins to bloom, some of our female monkeys are nearing their final stages of pregnancy. But how can you spot a pregnant Barbary macaque?

A round tummy? Sore ankles? Unlike humans, it’s quite hard to tell when a female Barbary macaque is actually pregnant. But here are some tell-tale signs our guides look out for:

– Usually, our monkeys begin to moult, losing their winter coats ready for the warmer summer months. When pregnant, female Barbary macaques don’t moult. Instead, they keep their winter fur, moulting after they give birth.

– It’s often very hard to see a monkey baby bump! This does not become visible until the final weeks.

– It is easier to spot a baby bump when a 4-5-year-old female is pregnant. They are usually smaller which means their bump is easier to see.


Females are pregnant for 5 ½ months and give birth high up in the trees at night. They give birth to one baby (twins are very rare) weighing around 600g.

Baby season begins late spring through to early summer, so we are eagerly awaiting the new arrivals. If you want to be the FIRST to know about baby news, add us on our NEW exclusive Monkey Forest Friends What’s App Group. Click here to join.