Fun Activities To Keep Kids Fit In The Summer

Summer is usually associated with swims in the sea, family bike rides, and excursions to cool cultural sites but did you know that obesity-related behaviours increase among kids in July and August? A study published in the Journal of School Health showed that the main culprit is sugar; kids access and consume more than during the school year, which is bad news for children and their health. If you are keen on keeping your children active, keep these considerations in mind, pay a visit to Monkey Forest and make sure you are part of all the fun!

Why Monkey Forest?

Monkey Forest is an excellent introduction for children into the majesty of the Great Outdoors. In the UK, children aged 10 to 16 spend an average of only 12.6 minutes a day on vigorous outdoor activity, and 10.4 waking hours in a motionless state. A UK government study has found, meanwhile, that 10% of people surveyed have not been in a park, forest, or beach for at least one year. Building a relationship between children and nature is crucial if they are to stand a chance at escaping the effects of the sedentary lifestyle. At Monkey Forest, kids can walk, observe the monkeys, but also enjoy lots of active fun in Adventure Play areas. By visiting parks such as these, they can develop a taste for walking, trekking, and running – all of which can help balance their caloric intake and keep them healthy.

Physical Fitness as a Lifestyle

One way to ensure that kids embrace exercise in their free time (not only in the summer but all year round) is to make choices that promote fitness – both physical and mental. Try to head for green areas close to you. If you live near a beach or lake, summer is the perfect time to pull out your kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or boat, and engage in super fun water sports such as rowing and water skiing. Rowing your way up to beautiful caves, rock features, and water plants, or negotiating your way through thick, gnarled mangroves will ensure you enjoy an energetic cardio workout while also honing skills like balance and breathing.

Team Sports are Fun

A great way to motivate your kids to be more active this summer is to plan sporting competitions with friends. Make the most of nearby parks by enjoying a picnic and a game of football afterwards, or invite your kids to take part in an outdoor yoga session. Include a bit of holistic method into the equation. Because physical and mental health is so intricately linked, activities like outdoor meditation yoga and Tai Chi – found in numerous studies to significantly lower stress hormone levels – will help kids relax and enjoy the present moment. Research shows that exercises that encourage mindfulness meditation reduce psychological stress and promote happiness. If you aren’t sure how to meditate or do yoga, practise before you leave home. Apps like Calm and Breathe provide a host of easy exercises to complete, some of which last as little as five or ten minutes.

Keeping kids active in the summer is vital since two things families can have too much of when school is out are time and snacks! Get your little ones hooked on the beauty of nature by visiting Trentham Monkey Forest where you’ll find a host of monkeys that are as friendly as they are curious. Embrace the outdoors as much as you can, opting for fun family activities and sports, so that exercise seems less than a chore and more like an excuse to enjoy a fun day with family and friends.


Author: Jennifer Dawson