Feeding talks are back Monday-Friday!

Trentham Monkey Forest are delighted to welcome back the popular feeding talks in the mid-week, Monday-Friday.


The feeding talks have been on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The park has had to control the numbers of guests gathered in one place, so as such, have had to sacrifice the talks to accommodate a COVID-19 safe environment.


Feeding talks are such a huge feature of the Monkey Forest experience and the team are so glad to be back offering this entertaining and educational element for its monkey mad visitors.



The feeding talks are held every hour and include the knowledgeable guides scattering fruit and seeds across the grounds whilst educating guests on a variety of topics relating to Barbary macaques.

By attending the talks, you will observe the chief of the troop and learn all about how Barbary macaques interact and live as wild monkeys within the forest. You will also learn about the conservation work Monkey Forest pursue and the role they play in recognition of the endangerment of Barbary macaques.


IMPORTANT * – Due to the COVID-19 guidelines at the park, feeding talks will NOT be available at peak busy times such as Bank Holidays, School Holidays and Weekends to keep everyone in the park safe.