Celebrating World Art Day: Barbary Macaques Take Over Iconic Art Pieces!

Today is World Art Day!


So we thought,  it would be fitting (and hilarious) to blend the two worlds of classical art and our cheeky Barbary macaques to celebrate some of the wonderful,  iconic pieces of art that exist in the world!


With a creative spark and a touch of attempted humour, we reimagined renowned masterpieces, infusing them with the charm and antics of our monkey residents.


From Banksy’s poignant baby balloon piece to the serene night sky of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, each artwork undergoes a delightful transformation!


As we share these mash-up masterpieces with the world, our goal is simple: to spread joy and wonder on World Art Day and beyond. Through creativity and laughter, we forge connections between art lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.


Join us in celebrating the magic of Barbary macaques and the enduring legacy of creative art. See the re-imagined portraits here and enjoy these iconic pieces like never before!