Breakfast with Monkeys Experience: SOLD OUT FOR 2023

We can confirm slots for our Breakfast with Monkeys Experience have SOLD OUT for the 2023 season.


We would like to thank all of the lovely V.I.Ps we have had the pleasure to meet and introduce the Barbary macaques to this year.


We’re proud to share that 100% of  VIPs in 2023 found the most unique primate experience on offer in the UK to meet expectations and in several cases, even exceeded expectations.


One VIP commented, “Beautiful, exciting, informative. I felt really privileged to be there with the monkeys outside normal visiting hours. It was like entering a different world. The two guides were absolutely brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed being with them and the monkeys.”


What is Breakfast with Monkeys VIP?

Breakfast with Monkeys is the unique opportunity for you to experience our forest as a backstage VIP.


Visitors can explore our magnificent, 60 acre ancient Staffordshire woodland and get to see our fascinating monkeys, way before opening hours, for the ultimate monkey observing encounter.


VIPs have the primates and our knowledgeable guides all to themselves, making it an incredible monkey-filled morning.


They can marvel at our monkeys as the primates roam the 60-acre grounds shortly after waking from their wild slumber high up in the trees. On the morning, VIPs also help our primate-loving team feed the monkeys breakfast, scattering the food for the troops to eat, helping the team preserve the Barbary macaques natural behaviours for conservation purposes.


Being one of the most intimate monkey experiences on offer in the UK, it tends to drum up high demand.


As a result, we have no more dates available to be booked in 2023.


Want to purchase tickets as a Christmas present? 

We will be placing a limited number of V.I.P Experience tickets back on sale in November 2023, so that everyone gets an opportunity to gift the fantastic experience as a Christmas present.

We will let you know on social media once they up on sale so keep an eye on our channels or for even quicker news subscribe to our newsletter.

As always, thank you so much for supporting us and our primates!