BGT Conservationist Aneeshwar Kunchala Visits Monkey Forest!

Mini Environmentalist and Britain’s Got Talent Finalist, Aneeshwar Kunchala visited Trentham Monkey Forest yesterday to see first-hand the important work we do to protect the primate species of Barbary macaques in Stoke-on-Trent.


The 7-year-old  stole the hearts of the nation when appearing on Britain’s Got Talent earlier in the year with his passionate poetry about wildlife and conserving the planet.



Amanda Holden dubbed Aneeshwar ‘the perfect person to follow David Attenborough’s footsteps’ after the schoolboy was unveiled as the first Britain’s Got Talent Golden Moment.


So who better to have down at the forest!?


Aneeshwar was completely taken back by our Barbary macaque sanctuary saying that “he wants to be here everyday” and that he “loved seeing the monkeys up close and that they were free to run and play”.


He spent most of his afternoon observing the Trentham troop and had lots of questions for Park Director Matt Lovatt who was on hand to answer Aneeshwar’s important questions, regarding what we can do for the Barbary macaque and how.



Matt explained to Aneeshwar that Trentham Monkey Forest is a research facility for Barbary macaques and  that we preserve the natural behaviours of our troops. We mentioned that it is highly important to raise mass awareness so people understand the rapid decline in numbers in the wild population.


Matt went on to say that our monkeys have 60-acres to explore, with no cages or bars and live exactly how they would in the wild.


Aneeshwar was amazed.


He said “It is so sad that Barbary macaques are struggling in the wild. We must keep talking about them. It’s great what Trentham Monkey Forest are doing for these monkeys, they are amazing.”


Aneeshwar helped Matt feed the monkeys their afternoon snacks of fruit, vegetables and seeds and stuck around to hear one of our informative feeding talks that highlight the problems that these primates are facing in the wild.



After his visit, Aneeshwar took to Instagram and stated “I can’t believe what I have seen. Amazing and beautiful place. Lot’s of biodiversity is thriving at @trentham_monkey_forest


Thank you for visiting Aneeshwar and best of luck in your mission to protect our beautiful planet!


You can follow Aneeshwar’s Earth saving journey here: