Be a Superhero in Conservation

On the 26th April, Monkey Forest was planning a ‘Superhero Day’ – a day full of fancy dress and important Conservation messages. Due to our current closure, unfortunately, our Superhero Day can’t go ahead quite as planned, but ‘don’t fear, the internet is here!’

To help spread our important conservation message and to help keep your little monkeys entertained we’re bringing our ‘Superhero Day’ to you!


Now, we have a few activities to keep all superheroes entertained…

  • Head to our Facebook page and enter our COMPETITION to win a family ticket for when we reopen. Send us pictures of your little monkeys dressed as superheroes including their ‘superhero pledge’ eg. What they’re going to do to help conservation or the environment/what their superpower is (I will use my new water bottle instead of single-use plastic bottles, I won’t litter, I will clean the beach next time I go etc…)


  • Head to our Instagram page on the 26th for an ‘Animal Superhero’ quiz – the quiz will also be added to our Facebook page as a downloadable activity.



As well as the above activities we wanted to tell you a few ways that you can become a superhero in conservation:

Buy sustainable products

To help reduce illegal logging, buy your wood products from sustainable sources. Look for the FSC logo on toilet paper, wooden kitchen utensils and paper.


Don’t have your picture taken with ‘photo-prop-primates’

Do not have your picture taken with photo-prop Barbary macaques (or other animals used as photo props). By paying for these photos you directly contribute to the photo-prop trade and encourage poaching of young monkeys.

If you do see these kinds of pictures across social media, please do not share them.


Don’t buy primates as pets!

All primates including Barbary macaques, need a suitable habitat, other group members and stimulation to maintain good mental and emotional health. It is impossible to provide this in a human home!

Baby Barbary macaques sold in the illegal pet trade are traumatised when taken from their mothers in the wild. This is not just a loss for the mother, but a huge loss for the whole species!


These small things can really make a difference, so please share this post on your social media to help us spread this important conservation message.


We hope you enjoy our activities and we look forward to seeing your little superheroes and their conservation pledges.