Barbary macaque SMASHES Stoke throw-in record set by Rory Delap… APRIL FOOLS! Primates ARE NOT Playmates!

A Barbary macaque at Trentham Monkey Forest has taken a ‘throw-in’ inside the 60-acre Staffordshire Woodland and managed to reach the Bet 365 Stadium centre circle approximately 4.8 miles away.


The park has absolutely no idea how the monkey has managed to reach the Potter’s playing field or get a hold of a football, as the monkeys live exactly how they would in the wild,  but staff are absolutely amazed to hear of the accomplishment of the primate.  Apparently, they felt like ‘fools’ to believe such a thing 😉 !


Rumours are rife that the newly introduced beavers at the Trentham Estate might have performed a Peter Crouch-esque ‘knock-on’ to assist their neighbours, but these are unconfirmed rumours at this point.


The park can definitely confirm that the primate will not become an ‘impact’ option off the bench for the Potters, nor will they entertain any bids for the monkey, highlighting that he should remain with his family and friends at Trentham Monkey Forest as primates are not playmates and should be seen as such!


To support the primates not playmates campaign, read why primates should never be viewed as playmates below:

1) All primates need to interact with their own species to maintain well-being

2) Primates require adequate space and foods that are often costly and difficult for pet owners to provide. 

3) Using monkeys for live entertainment, dressing them up for social media clout and tourist photo props encourages people to buy pet monkeys. Many are poached from the wild for this reason.