Baby Monkey Update! Monkey Forest is proud to announce the arrival of the TENTH baby of the year!

We are SO HAPPY to share with you that Monkey Forest has been blessed with the arrival of 10 BABY MONKEYS during the past 2 months!


Since we announced the first two births of the year, back in early May, 8 more baby monkeys have been born in our unique woodland – confirming an incredibly successful baby season already at Monkey Forest, as 10 babies have been welcomed to the world and into their respective groups!


The babies are very popular amongst guests, the team and the monkeys and we love sharing the baby news with everyone as and when the little ones arrive!


We have seen some lovely, wholesome behaviours within the groups towards the babies. This includes teeth chattering towards them, which can be likened to ‘smiling’, males and females doing spots of baby sitting for mum to give her a little break and some even grooming the fur of the little ones – making sure they’re all clean!


During late spring and early summer, it is a fantastic time to visit Monkey Forest as it is highly likely that little monkey feet will be tip tapping across the forest floor and visitors will have a very good chance of spotting them in all their glory.


Usually, we hope to celebrate between 6-10 births each year within the forest. So we can safely say that this year has been a fantastic year for births at the forest.


The babies are usually born high-up in the treetops late at night and our guides are the first to meet the precious new arrivals as they make their way down from the trees in the morning, whilst clinging to mum who is usually eager to get a good breakfast down her!


Luckily, they have been greeted with this precious presence TEN TIMES!!!!


Despite there being another month to go of summer, we are absolutely thrilled to confirm this fantastic number of important Barbary macaque additions. Barbary macaques are an endangered species, with less than 8,000 remaining in the wild.


So each birth each year is incredibly important for the continuation of this fascinating yet unique species of primate.


Since we opened in 2005, we have welcomed over 150 baby Barbary macaques!


We are looking to confirm the genders of the babies soon, so keep an eye out on our social media platforms as we will be announcing them as soon as possible… keep your eyes peeled like a banana!


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