Babies First Sight of Snow…

Snow at Monkey Forest


In the aftermath of Storm Ciara, an unexpected layer of snow has fallen very quickly here at Trentham and it looks stunning – if we do say so ourselves.


Not only does the forest look gorgeous, as the trees and forest floor are lightly dusted with snow, but the monkeys in the snow looks even better.

Our youngest little girl (born last summer) was in for a great surprise as it’s the first time she’s seen snow. We followed her to see exactly what she thought…



She spent a lot of time riding on the backs of other monkeys, avoiding the snow as much as she could. Although after a while she did venture down with a light pitter-patter on the newly frosted floor and a quick forage for food, before quickly jumping back up for a ride on a male’s back.



Barbary macaques originate from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and Algeria and are therefore acclimatised to the colder weather and snow.  Over the winter months, the monkeys grow thick winter coats to help keep them warm. They tend to huddle together for warmth (which is very cute) and often spend their time in the trees to avoid snow covering the ground below.


Come and see the monkeys

Despite the cold temperatures, it’s actually a fantastic time of year to visit the monkeys – just remember to wrap up warm.  Monkey Forest reopens for its 15th year this weekend on the 15th February. To kick start our 15th-year celebrations we’re giving visitors 15% off online tickets on the 15th and 16th February when using the code 15YEARS with online advance booking.*

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*Online booking only. Valid 15th and 15th February. Use code 15YEARS. Not valid with any other offer. Must book online before 10am.