Catering Supervisor

Job description and specification:


Trentham Monkey Forest is home to 140 free-roaming Barbary macaque monkeys. In the park, customers are free to walk amongst the monkeys in their forest home and discover this fascinating species. Unique within the UK, we are looking for a motivated individual to join our small, dedicated permanent team.


The onsite ‘Banana café’ and vintage catering van serve hot and cold meals, drinks, snacks and ice cream to our visitors. A bustling, quick-paced environment throughout the season, we are looking for an organised, enthusiastic individual to train and recruit our seasonal café team. The successful candidate will be responsible for the day to day running of all aspects of the café; monthly stock controls and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers. Working alongside the management of the park, the café supervisor will help to develop and improve an already successful café in an award-winning attraction.


The successful candidate will be required to show dedication to the role and be required to work all school holidays, all bank holidays and most weekends (apart from during the closed season where some weekend work will be required).


Working during the opening hours of the park (normally 9am – 5.30pm), 5 days/week, no evening service or split shifts.


Job Title: Cafe Supervisor

Reporting To:  Management


  1. Responsible for the day to day running of the cafe making provision for duties to be covered when absent.
  2. Training, supervising & managing café staff.
  3. Serving food and beverages to customers.
  4. Preparing homemade paninis, wraps, cakes and daily specials.
  5. Over-seeing the quality of food made in-house.
  6. Establishing  a rota in advance for café assistants.
  7. Responsible for carrying out ‘close down’ procedures and cashing up.
  8. Conducting interviews and recruiting with approval of management.
  9. Ensuring high quality and a variety of food is on offer.
  10. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and customer service.
  11. Ensuring that food hygiene rules are observed at all times including keeping detailed logs.
  12. Ensuring allergy information is kept up to date.
  13. Responsible for cafe safety and security. Ensuring fire and health and safety regulations adhered to.
  14. Meeting suppliers, negotiating prices and reporting to management.
  15. Ensuring stock rotated, waste is controlled and then reporting to management.
  16. Ensuring the maintenance of café equipment.
  17. Ensuring log books on all equipment are updated.
  18. Monitoring customer feedback to improve service.
  19. Liaising with management and providing reports as requested.

Applications should be made to and include a CV and cover letter. Or use our vacancy form.